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MadeDaily Basics

Check out some tutorial videos, full of helpful tips & tricks, as you get started with MadeDaily.

Publishing Overview

Get started with responsive publishing tools

Stories Overview

Learn how to effectively deliver your story

Commerce Overview

Get started with publishing tools


Site Flow

Add website navigation and links, assign navigation to pages, organize website flow and duplicate pages.


Organize pages in groups, edit, publish, suspend and delete pages.


Create evergreen stories, articles, recipes, case studies, and more and organize them by category.

Blog Posts

Create a blog with commenting and archive posts by date.


Create unique image layouts for your pages.


Build auto-advancing slideshows with navigation.


Build your own forms and customize their look with styles.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding a little about SEO will help your page ranking in search engines.


Learn how to create modal windows that can pop up on specific pages.



Create products with multiple images and organize them by category.

Discount Codes

Create discount codes, promotions and more for your shop.


Styles Overview

Customize your MadeDaily website styles and add your own custom styles from scratch.

Colors and Fonts

Add brand new colors, implement custom web fonts and set default styles.

Media Manager

Upload images and videos and organize your media in media bins.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn some helpful shortcuts to use while designing.

Colors and Fonts

Add customs fonts and icons to your website.

Buttons & Alerts

Style and add buttons to your website.



Manage your account, learn about billing options, upgrade your account at anytime.

Website Domains

Configure your DNS with your domain registrar to point your URL to your website.

Domain DNS Set-up and Validation

Add the website domains for your MadeDaily website.

Updating my Credit Card 

Update an expired card on file within your website and check your payment history.

Implementing Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics number or add tracking code.